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Mighty Muffins for the win!!!

My wife and I have eaten these when we need a quick breakfast or snack. They taste great, are filling, and their numbers (macros) are a perfect way to stay on target with your food plan and still enjoy it. She likes all the chocolates but I also like the lemon poppy, cinnamon apple, and banana carmel.

Simply the Best

These are, by far, the best gluten-free pancakes I’ve ever eaten and I’ve tried several brands.

Like a lot

I really enjoy the 20 protein muffin in a cup. Love the double chocolate and cinnamon apple the best. Please come out with a vanilla flavor muffin.

So good!

One of the best flavors!


These are delicious!!! (And great, super easy alternative to other high protein breakfast items!)

Mighty Muffin for breakfast

These things are great! Easy, taste good and very filling!

Chocolate lover

The chocolate lovers variety pack is a solid choice for anyone who loves chocolate, obviously. Comes with 4 flavors: double chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter, tart cherry chocolate, and s’mores. I prefer them on the gooey side and they’re a great source of protein.


In love with the cinnamon roll muffins! They are yummy and convenient what more could you ask for!

The best!

I’ve used Kodiak cakes am I’m not docking them at all but this simply taste better and has the right amount of macros per serving that I need :)

Good Stuff!

I have been eating the Mighty Muffins for at least a year and LOVE them. So convenient to prepare one at work and eat at my desk, knowing that I'm getting the protein that I need and it's good-tasting on top of it. Sometimes I mix chopped walnuts in with the batter before microwaving, or extra cinnamon after microwaving, depending on the flavor...deelish! One muffin satisfies my hunger for hours. I tend to have indigestion issues but the Mighty Muffins never upset my stomach.
I also LOVE the Flapjacked baking mix and make a pancake now and then, with no guilt. My favorite way to prepare the pancake is by dropping fresh blueberries into the pancake while it's cooking on one side. It is sooo good!
Thank you for this great product.


I love the Banana flavored! I eat on these every night. The carb content is a little high, so I spread it over a couple of days. They make a wonderful dessert mixed with other things. I make my own banana bread too. This is wonderful for a low carb diet. I find I prefer to come home and make my own dessert rather than order a high carb dessert out. Thank you for these muffins Flapjacked. This is a great product!!

Wonderful muffins

I love these muffins. I'm a runner and l've developed heartburn when I run with most items I choose for breakfast. I needed something substantial for an 8 mile run, but not too filling because it comes back up as heartburn. My son told me about these muffins and I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor (his favorite) and thought yum. It tasted good. The real test was during and after my run. These muffins are now my go-to food to fuel my runs. No heartburn!! Plus I have all the energy I need to fuel my 8 miles. Thank you for a great product.


I love the muffins. I love the taste and use them as deserts because they are so good. I love that they are made with healthy ingredients and the macros are good. I also love that you can mix and match and pick exactly what you want.

Muffin variety pack

There isn’t a flavor I didn’t like!

Choice is a great option!

I was thrilled to find the “build your own” option on the Flapjacked website since I’ve not been able to find but a few flavors available locally and I wanted to try the newest ones. Here are my rankings from favorite to least favorite by my preference:
Maple Pumpkin (my absolute favorite!)
Chocolate Peanut Butter (very close second!)
Peanut Butter
Cinnamon Roll
Lemon Poppyseed
Triple Berry (but there are only 2 kinds of berries listed in the ingredients and nothing “blue” in the mix)
Peanut Butter & Jelly (I tasted more jelly than peanut butter, though)
Banana Caramel
Tart Cherry Chocolate
Double Chocolate (too sweet for my taste)
Cinnamon Apple (too dry for my taste)
Honestly, there are no “bad” tasting ones, just ones I prefer more than others. I love having the option of a few carbs with protein for breakfast before I go to the gym or as an afternoon protein boost with a cup of coffee!


These muffins are super convenient and tasty. I’m always on the go and these fit my lifestyle perfectly. They are much more substantial and better tasting than bars. This is a new staple in my pantry!!

A Family Obsession

My husband and I have been ordering Mighty Muffins for a few years now. It’s a yummy way to hit your macros, good way start a day, a great snack to look forward to while at work, or a way to satisfy that sweet tooth after dinner. We met the owner, Dave Bacon, at the CrossFit Games this year and it made me fall even more in love with this company. His enthusiasm and the joy he got out of being there talking to everyone about the company is something special. Flap Jacked is a family company that uses quality ingredients good enough for the entire family to eat. After the Games, we took full advantage of the discount code and ordered TONS of muffins, pancake mixes, and cookie mixes. Our 6 month old has already shown an interest in the muffins and he can’t wait to be old enough to enjoy them with mommy and daddy.


I have a hard time finding Mighty Muffins in the flavors I want locally, so I was quite excited to discover their website and have the ability to create my own 12 pack. I will definitely order more!

Simply the Best!!

Easy, delicious go to meal! I also mix the batter with a little egg white added and pour into my waffle iron. I'm definitely a customer for life!!

I love these

I did the build your own pack so I could test out the flavors. I had such a good time that a coworker kept track on a dry erase board for me. Final verdict (favorite to least favorite): Cinnamon Apple, PB&J, Banana Caramel/Tart Cherry Chocolate (tied), Cinnamon Roll, S'mores, Triple Berry. This is my favorite way to make sure I'm eating enough protein :-)

My favorite go to breakfast

I absolutely love these. One minute to prepare. So many flavors! I love adding half a ripe banana to the chocolate or peanut butter flavors. Super delish.

They’re Amazing!

They’re great for a quick snack before/after a workout or a meal replacer in the morning for breakfast if you don’t have enough time to make anything. They are sooo easy to make and tast amazing!


These are perfect breakfast options! I make pancakes or waffles when I want to change it up from a muffin. Love it!

Choices to Try

Awesome way to try / sample before an entire case! Or to have variety if you like them all.

Gotta have them all

I first tried Flap-Jacked at the crossfit games this year, and fell in love! When they have a special for free shipping and a discounted price, I loaded up on every variety pack. They are convenient, delicious, nutritious and protein packed. I normally can't eat breakfast before a morning workout, but these go down easy and don't "come back up" during hard cardio! LOVE this product.