There is no “ME” in TEAM

Posted on July 06, 2016 by Jennifer Bacon | 1 comment

There is no “ME” in TEAM

Because of FlapJacked, our life has changed dramatically over the years. Personally, I’ve progressively evolved from a driven visionary in a corporate cage to a holistic entrepreneur, wife, friend, mother, and a chauffeur of 5 busy kids (4 teenagers!). 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and the challenges that come with it, but sometimes people just need a little time to themselves. Does anyone disagree? Strangely enough, when I have an opportunity to grab a moment or (rarely) an entire day, I find myself bored, lonely and wanting the hustle and bustle of my busy family buzzing around me. Perhaps it’s from living in the city for years on end, or perhaps I’m just that go-getter-type-A-personality, but I can’t relax nor do I enjoy being completely alone (unless I’m working). As I get older I possess more patience (which used to be a huge problem) and I don’t get worked up over minor details. I’ve been told that grace, patience, and wisdom come with age yet I trip over my own feet and am not getting any wiser to the fact that one foot goes in front of the other.

That being said, I suppose that finding “me” time actually does do me some good. (Yes, I actually admit it). Like a good nights sleep, I come away more calm, refreshed and more confident. A few examples of my favorite ways to spend “me time”:

  1. Go to the Gym and lift heavy. (So I am so sore that I can’t walk or sit for 4 days)
  2. Cook a new recipe. (Anticipating the stress of whining and complaining later from kids, I sill find calm in making the meal.)
  3. Laundry. (It’s completely mindless and I love the smell of boys dirty football socks and undergarments worn 2+ days).
  4. Date Night. (Because I hate “me time” and love nothing more than spending time with my husband.)
  5. Last but not least, Spending time with my family. (Because there is no “me” in “team”.)

I find my ways to get time to myself, just not very often and that’s okay with “me”.  

How do you spend your ME time?



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Diana Bruot
Diana Bruot

July 23, 2016

I have no me time. I am always doing for everyone else. I have to stay busy. I am always doing something. On the go all the time!!!!!

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