The Invisible Disability

Posted on July 27, 2013 by David Bacon | 0 comments

Meet Jett, our senior FlapJacked child associate. Jett is 12 years old and loves football, basketball, kneeboarding and is our biggest pancake eater in the house. (His favorite is Cinnamon Apple!)

Oh, I almost forgot, Jett also has Epilepsy. He had his first seizure at age 3 and his last seizure Friday night. His early childhood was spent mostly in hospitals ( over 150 nights).  Daily medicine suppresses most of the seizures but about 3-4 times a year he hits the ground. If you've never seen someone having a seizure it's downright scary!

The combination of medicine and 1000's of seizures during Jett's early childhood have caused him to be somewhat delayed. Although he is entering 7th grade he reads on a 3rd grade level. He has limited small motor skills which make it difficult to write or tie his shoes. And he generally dresses himself inside out and backwards. If you we're to meet Jett you would never guess he has Epilepsy. His teachers have called it "The Invisible Disability". The kids at school know he's a little absent minded and slower than others but have never seen him have a seizure and think he's just goofy.

The problem is that in October Jett becomes a teenager and is starting to realize he is different. Which brings me back to Friday night. After the seizure was over and everything calmed down Jett looked at me and cried " I just want to be normal Dad!"

We meet many people every day in life that sometimes seem different. Some have very apparent disabilities such as Autism and others might be more like Jett. Either way they are all normal in their own special way.



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