Every voice deserves to be heard.

Posted on February 06, 2014 by Jennifer Bacon | 0 comments

It’s not often that I hear 5 little voices speaking to me at once… It’s ALL the time. But in our house, the loudest voice comes from the smallest child.  A child that remembers every promise, every word, every detail.  A child that keeps this family in check.

Meet Owen. Owen is in the first grade. He is a kind, funny, loving, polite but also outrageously provoking and makes himself known and heard at all times. He learned early and he learned aggressively how to get our attention. (It doesn't help that he's super cute)

He is also the only child in the house who keeps me straight, holds me accountable (for EVERYthing) and follows (most) of the family’s rules. If, by chance I “forget” something, he is the first to call me out and remind me. Let’s admit, we ALL forget things here and there, but I’m the LAST person that wants to be yelled at by a 7 year old boy who seems be right most of the time. The first thing he does every morning when he wakes up is check the weather so he can be prepared for the day and he tells me exactly what he wants to eat 1-3 days in advance. You should hear the chains rattle after hell breaks loose when he realized I mixed up the sandwiches in his lunch box. In all seriousness, I learn my lessons. I also learn that his requests are simple and genuine and when I say YES, it’s carved in stone in his minds eye.  “A pwomise is a pwomise!” he reminds me daily.

Owen has taught me many things about being a parent of 5 children.  But he has taught me more about patience, perseverance and the importance of keeping my word than I have learned over my entire life and career. And because he is only 7, he still embodies those sweet qualities that graciously reminds me that there is still a great deal of innocence in the world to be grateful for.

So when I hear 5 voices elevating at the same time, I just remember that each of them just wants to be heard and rightfully so.  Every voice deserves to be heard. (We just need to drive home those manners!)



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