About Us


We are Jennifer and Dave Bacon, founders of FlapJacked™ Protein Pancake Mixes.

Since we’ve been married, we have been an active family, we watch what we eat, and take care of our ourselves and our five children.  We make healthy choices with the exception of our 9-year old son, Jace, who has Autism. His diet consists of products produced with ingredients that we aren’t exactly proud of, but sometimes, getting him to eat at all is a fight. This constant struggle encourages us to try to change not only his eating habits but also keeping the rest of the family in check. 

We not only love our active lifestyle, but we also love to eat!  We look forward to the weekend mornings of pancakes, biscuits, bacon and eggs. We especially love pancakes but are never sustained and always feel that sugar “let down” an hour later. We are tired of fortifying our baked goods with protein powders (it's not convenient and very expensive) and have walked away from pre-made mix’s completely (as they required that we add many other ingredients and are loaded with carbs.) We have also been frustrated with not finding easy, healthy and nutritionally balanced meal options for our morning rush.

Through trial and error, we have developed healthy pancake using whole grain ingredients, is lower in carbohydrates, high in protein, has a significant amount of fiber  (not to mention many of the added health benefits of our products!) Our healthy pancakes taste fantastic and sustains us through our next meal!

Now, it is our mission to ensure that you are satisfied with our products and love them as much as we do.