Just-Food Interviews FlapJacked Co-Founder David Bacon on Mighty Muffins.

Posted on July 22, 2015 by Jennifer Bacon | 0 comments

The bite-size interview: Flapjacked rides on the back of protein buzz.

US protein-based pancake mix maker Flapjacked has just launched its second product - muffins - to try to tap into growing demand for on-the-go protein products. Launched in 2012 by husband and wife team David and Jennifer Bacon in 2012, the company believes consumers do not just want more protein but better-for-you products. Hannah Abdulla learns more.


Just-food: Consumer interest in protein is intensifying. Has this helped FlapJacked's growth?

David Bacon: It's definitely helped but people are looking for more than just protein. Protein can sometimes taste good and sometimes it doesn't. People are now looking for protein in a familiar form; a pancake, a muffin, but a healthier version of it. You'll see a lot of companies turning their products into something that is just that little bit better. The pancake segment was very stale - there are a couple of players that have been in it since the 1800s and haven't changed their product at all. What we bring is the familiar form of a pancake but it's better all round from cleaner ingredients to no added sugars and we add protein to it. We do find the protein trend is very hot but also consumers are just looking for something that is better-for-you.

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