Meet The FlapJacked Team: Ben (Director of Marketing)

This month we’re introducing you to Ben, our Director of Marketing. Aside from working on product launches, advertising, social media and everything in-between, he keeps busy raising 4 very cute kiddos, lifting heavy things, and making sure the office gets a good laugh or two in on the daily.

Ben and kids

What's your favorite part about the job ?

I love everything about the job, but talking directly to FlapJacked fans and customers is THE best. We have so many different customers who rely on FlapJacked for so many different reasons (e.g. - build muscle, lose weight, get their kids to eat healthier). I love hearing all the stories of how we've helped people reach their goals.

If you had a theme song that played every time you walked into a room what would it be?

"You're Simply The Best" by Tina Turner.

Tell us 3 things we may not know about you.

1. I proposed to my wife after a few weeks of dating. And it worked! We’ve been married 16+ years.

2. I can still nail a front flip on the trampoline in our back yard…at the age of 41.

3. I know just about every word to every Chance the Rapper song. I’m a huuuuge fan.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Hmmm, this sounds strange but I’d seriously consider giving 90% of it away. I’ve seen too many of those stories on the E! Network where people’s lives fall apart after they win the lottery and they end up broke and miserable and alone. No thanks!

What's your best FlapJacked memory?

In the very early days as Dave and Jenn were still working on the first FlapJacked pancake mix, I remember making an early version of the pancakes for my 3 small kids and watching them eat it all up in seconds! It was then when I realized that we might be on to something with FlapJacked. 😃 [Photo below from 2012!]

Ben's Kids

If you were stuck on an island with only 3 possessions, what would they be?


What's your favorite FlapJacked product? 

Peanut Butter Mighty Muffin without a doubt. The hot, melted peanut butter chips are pretty much the best thing on earth. If I was ever on death row, this might be my final meal request.

What's your favorite quote?

“Your potential, the absolute best you’re capable of—that’s the metric to measure yourself against. Winning is not enough. People can get lucky and win. People can be assholes and win. Anyone can win. But not everyone is the best possible version of themselves.” 
― Ryan HolidayEgo Is the Enemy

If you were an animal, which animal would you be?

Dolphin. You get to hang out in warm weather, swim in the ocean all day and people are always happy to see you…unlike sharks.

How do you prefer to spend your time outside of work?

I prefer getting outside with my 4 kids. Usually on a soccer field or the pool or a bike ride around our neighborhood.

Ben and kids

What's your go-to FlapJacked hack? 

I make my Mighty Muffins with milk instead of water, it makes them a bit fluffier. Everyone should make their muffins this way!!!

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Besides the FlapJacked Peanut Butter Mighty Muffin?? I'd have to say Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl. With guac of course, and extra meat. Chipotle is my jam.

What's your favorite way to stay active?

CrossFit! I’m up around 4:30am and hit it 4-5 times/week. Back squats are my absolute favorite, I could do em every day.  

Do you have any hobbies or quirky interests?

I’m always experimenting with diets and nutrition programs. In the past 5 years, I’ve had long stretches where I’ve tried everything from Paleo to strict veganism, intermittent fasting, cutting, bulking and much much more. My poor wife is confused with what or when I’m eating in any given month. 

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