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Do you ever wish you could be a fly on the wall somewhere? Anywhere? Whether you are 7 or 42, the media always seems to entice people of all ages and make us wonder what it’s like to be in front a TV camera. Being in Design and Advertising my entire career, I’ve been behind, around, beside, above and even under a lens but never before in front of one that has tele-prompters, is remote controlled by producers in another rooms, has wheels and moves like R2D2. Needless to say, all 7 of us were very excited and admittedly, a little nervous about being on live television. Aside from the fear of being tongue-tied, having breakfast stuck in my teeth or any of our 5 children mis-behaving somehow, we were all giddy and silly.

The day started with 5 VERY excited kids who got to skip school in the morning for this very special opportunity. They had 1000 questions in the car. Not the typical questions like “when are we gonna get there”, but rather questions in a statement form. “Are they going to talk to me… What if they talk to me… I don’t want them to talk to me… Do I have to answer when they ask me questions… What if I say the wrong thing… I don’t want them to talk to me… I don’t want my class to see this… I’m not talking…I’M NOT TALKING!” For the entire 30-minute drive, it didn’t stop.   Until we got there. Silence. The only rules and advice given to the children (by Dave and I, of course) was to not speak unless spoken to. They were more than ready. The Oooooh’s and Aaaaah’s began as we walked through the station, beyond the producer’s room, past the news desks, around the staging areas and into the studio. The studio was clad with other people waiting for their segments, producers, studio hands, props and 5 or 6 interchangeable sets including a green screen.

As we set up in the fake kitchen with no running water, no operable stove and a staged refrigerator and props, the kids wondered around quietly. After anchors finished up a segment on Maternity products, R2D2 came wondering over. The camera operator was clearly having some fun as they darted the camera back and forth towards the kids. The Robot was the life of the party now!

Jace (our son with Autism) hit his sensory threshold, so we tried to find a quiet corner for him to relax. The rest of the kids (big and small) took a seat to watch the anchors, then snuck onto the green screen a few at a time to have a little unauthorized fun.

Finally, it was our turn. We took a deep breath and went with it. We were relaxed because we were confident in our product and our story. We were SO happy that we could share this special opportunity with the little people who inspired and helped us along our entire journey. It turns out that we didn’t have anything in our teeth, the kids were great and we had a blast! I think the Anchor was disappointed that Dave wouldn’t flex for her, but she got over it.

We were sad that little Jace didn’t make it on screen, but he made his presence known. Though you couldn’t SEE him, you can definitely HEAR him! It didn’t turn out to be such a great day for Jace, but was a fantastic day for the rest of the family. It was neat to finally be a “fly on the wall” and share that experience with the kids. They did end up sharing it proudly with all of their classes. 

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