My Three Jobs: Part Two

Posted on June 28, 2014 by David Bacon | 1 comment

I believe that the word entrepreneur comes from the Latin root trepenius... which means one who never sleeps and always has a full inbox.

I’d like to take you through a typical day here at FlapJacked Headquarters, but I can’t- there is no such thing. Every day is completely different than the one before and I generally have no idea what will happen next. It is the exact opposite of being a pilot; and that is what I love about being an entrepreneur.

Jenn and I usually start the day answering emails, but that’s where the routine stops. Most days will find us both on the phone with consumers, store owners, distributors, retail buyers, brokers, media... and pretty much everyone! You’ll also find us talking to ingredient suppliers, going to the warehouse, shipping samples to retail buyers, preparing for trade shows, deciphering financial documents, attending local food events and of course discussing “business strategery” with each other.

We could easily work 25 hours a day and still have plenty to, do but one thing is always certain: when the clock hits 5:00, FlapJacked is closed for the day. That's when family time begins. If we lose track of time a certain 7-year old boy reminds us exactly at 5:01. Then it’s time for sports, homework, dinner, a family walk and story time.

After the kids are asleep and the kitchen is clean, we usually have a short board meeting to discuss the day’s events. It doesn’t last long. If we talk business at night neither one of us can sleep (and I need my sleep). I know that at 5:00 am my mind will start spinning- and I’m ready to do it all over again.

The best part of being an entrepreneur is watching a dream come to life- and sharing every second of that experience with the person you love most.



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Dora Tullio
Dora Tullio

July 22, 2014

Pancakes are awesome. ..
Make them all the time.
Awesome product.

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